Online Academy

Introduction to Wisconsin's online driver's education program

History of the Automobile

Using the Highway Transportation System

The Driving Task and Responsibilities

Wisconsin Driver's License

Wisconsin's Rules of the Road

Traffic Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings

Driver Conditions


     Physical Senses


     Physical Conditions and Driving

     Alcohol use and driving

     Drugs, Medications and driving

     Inattentive driving and the effects

     Organ & Tissue Donation

Your Vehicle

     Approaching & Entering, and Exiting the Vehicle

     Vehicle Safety Systems

     Instruments, Controls, & Devices in your vehicle

     Mechanical Problems with your vehicle

     Vehicle Emergencies

     Understanding and Dealing with Vehicle Crashes

     Owning & Maintaining a Vehicle

     Understanding Vehicle Insurance

WI Class D Skill Test (Road Test)

Vehicle Maneuvers

     Lane Changing


     Backing the Vehicle



     Driveway Turnabouts

     Parking the Vehicle

     Parking on a hill or slope

City Driving Skills and Tactics

Dealing with Intersections

Right-of-way rules

Space Around your Vehicle and Communication with others

Light Conditions and Driving

Weather Conditions and Driving

Roadway Conditions

Dealing with other Traffic & Roadway Users



     Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Scooters


     Emergency Vehicles

     WI Move Over Law

     Maintenance Vehicles

     Delivery and Service Vehicles

     Vehicles with Trailers

     Railroad Crossings & Light Rail Systems

     Animal Drawn Vehicles

     Animals on or near the roadway

     Other types of vehicles

Vulnerable Highway Users

Highway System Driving

Rural Road Driving

     Hazards of Farm Animals and Equipment on the Roadway

Trip Planning and Pulling a Trailer

Course Final Test

WPDSA's Wisconsin online driver's education program will follow the below course outline: